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Smeg repair centre in Durban

Smeg Appliance repair service

smeg appliance repair service

Smeg Appliance Troubleshooting Tips

If you notice that something isn’t working properly, check the fuse box first. It’s possible that the circuit breaker was tripped by an electrical surge or short circuit. This will cause the appliance to stop working until the power company repairs the line.

Next, check the plug itself. Sometimes, the cord has become loose or damaged. You should also make sure that the appliance is plugged into a grounded outlet. If not, then the outlet needs to be repaired.

If the problem persists after checking these things, then there might be something wrong with the appliance itself. In this case, contact an authorized service center.

Check the fuse box. It should be located near the main switch. Look for any loose or broken fuses. Replace them as necessary.

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