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Washing machine care

Washing machine maintenance advice

Washing machine care advice

Washing machine care should be done regularly to ensure smooth operation and effective cleaning.

  1. Deep cleaning
People expect their washing machines to always give 100%. However, this is not the case. There are many washing machine problems, and appliances lose their efficiency over time. You’ll notice that your clothes are no longer coming clean as they once did. This is due to scaling from the micro-residuals of calcium and magnesium in hard water. This can be a problem for people in areas with hard water. In such a scenario, you should deep clean your machine with a strong machine cleaner that can remove the scaling without damaging any of the metal or plastic components of the appliance. Just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it will work well — just like if it’s affordable, it doesn’t mean it won’t work at all.   2. Clean the rubber gasket The rubber seal around the door of your machine should not be ignored. This part suffers a lot of wear and tear and is often the source of your clothes feeling or smelling bad. Front loaders are particularly susceptible to this. When you open the door, micro dust particles enter the machine, regardless of the machine type. These particles usually accumulate on the edges and sides of the gasket and make it harder for the dryer to circulate air. The detergent and fabric softener also leave residues on the gasket. The seal is an area that is susceptible to spills; it does not get cleaned very often, and remains dirty for weeks. It needs to be regularly cleaned with a damp cloth every week in order to prevent stains and smells from setting in.  

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