How To Repair Your Refrigerator

How To Repair Your Refrigerator

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Fridge leaks happen for many reasons, but most often because of a faulty seal between the door and the frame. The best way to fix this problem is by replacing the rubber gasket that seals the gap.

If you see any water on the floor or in the refrigerator, check the refrigerator door seal first. This will prevent water damage to the interior of the refrigerator. To find the seal, open the refrigerator door and look at the bottom edge of the door. You should see a small piece of plastic with an adhesive backing. Remove the sticker and place it back into its original position.

Next, inspect the flooring under the refrigerator. Check the area where the refrigerator meets the floor. There should be no gaps between the floor and the refrigerator. If there is, use a putty knife to fill the gap.

Once you’ve checked the flooring, check the water line. Look at the bottom of the refrigerator. You should see a small hole with a rubber gasket. This is the water line. Make sure the rubber seal is intact. If it isn’t, replace it.

Check the drain line. It should run along the back side of the refrigerator. There should be a small hole near the top of the refrigerator. If there is no hole, then you need to fix the problem. Affordable and professional refrigerator repair Durban.

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